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Hindi Movies Aatish 1994




Smita Jayaram, Jackie Shroff and Arbaaz Khan. Plot An idiotic police official, Inspector Lakshman, is forced by his corrupt and ambitious subordinate, Col. Phoolchand, to detain a senior official. Lakshman's wife, Soni, who is sexually ambitious, seduces her policeman friend, Inspector Samanta. They try to marry but Soni gets caught, is jailed, and Lakshman has to leave his job. Lakshman's career takes a turn for the better when he arrests the real culprit, named Ranjit. Ranjit gets the punishment of a life-term but returns with a self-pitying attitude, demanding the death penalty. He wants revenge and takes his revenge against the police department by instigating crime. Col. Phoolchand leaves the department, setting him free. Lakshman, now the most respected inspector, arrests the real criminal, retired Brigadier Prafulla. Lakshman's wife, Soni, and ex-lover, Inspector Samanta, are forced to work for the police department, but Soni is killed by Ranjit. Samanta, after a fight with Ranjit, is forced to retire from the police. After visiting the pregnant Wife of Prafulla, and discussing his options with her, Lakshman decides to kill Ranjit. He rescues Ranjit's son from an orphanage, trains him to become a top boxer, and sends him to a renowned boxing school. When Ranjit arrives at the boxing school, he takes a liking to the school's gypsy owner, Birju, who is in love with Soni. Lakshman takes Ranjit to his father Prafulla, who teaches Ranjit boxing. Ranjit becomes a champion boxer and challenges boxing promoter Bashir. Bashir is happy with Ranjit's performance and sends him to America for a championship match. On his way back, Ranjit rescues Soni's kidnapped daughter, Mriti, who is pregnant. He eventually falls in love with Mriti. Ranjit has to go to the police in America to talk about Mriti and her father's affair. When he returns, he tells Soni, who is now in a coma, about Mriti's existence. She finally awakens. Cast Sanjay Dutt as Inspector Rajendra "Ranjit" Khanna .Smita Jayaram as Soni Jackie Shroff




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Hindi Movies Aatish 1994

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